About Us

About us

Baduko.com was created by a group of professionals with the mission and vision of uniting the community of pet lovers to provide information, innovation, fun and quality services that improve their quality of life. Among our partners we have the experience of Abel De Varona, recognized expert in Pets behavior and training and exclusive collaborator of Baduko.com

The creation of the community is a new concept that allows interaction, education and access to specialized services and products for pets between owners, animal lovers, professionals and service providers. Baduko.com thus becomes a true canine community were your experience and that of your pet are our reason for being.

Our page provides unique benefits for its members such as tips, service directory, articles and educational videos among other servicesĀ and products.

Baduko.com seeks to positively impact with education, products and specialized services the experience of all pet lovers and owners by providing a safe and reliable place with valuable information and products for our four-legged treasures.

Welcome to the Baduko.com experience and we hope you enjoy our page and its benefits as much as we do.